College students are in a great position to save money. They have time on their side and they can be very creative. One thing most don’t have (I fell in this category) is money.

Here are 10 tips that can save you a lot of money. The tips are mostly free (unless you have to buy a crock pot, in which case, that’ll set you back $20) and take 30 minutes or less to set up.

  1. Walk to do local errands and to go to campus (if you’re within walking distance). [Approx. savings: $36/month ($3/gallon for 3 gallons)]
  2. Carpool to get to campus if you’re a commuter student. [Approx. savings: $60/month ($3/gallon for 5 gallons)]
  3. Share a parking pass if you commute with some one [Approx. savings: $40/semester]
  4. Do your own oil changes. [Approx. savings: $160/year]
  5. Stay on your parent’s car insurance policy. [Approx. savings: $100/month]
  6. Compare car insurance policies. [Approx. savings $50/month]
  7. Don’t be a smoker. [Approx. savings $70/month]
  8. Consider trading clothes with friends. You may have out grown or out shrunk your clothes. See if you can swap with stylish friends. [Approx. savings $75/month]
  9. Make a grocery list and stick with it. [Approx. savings: $80/month]
  10. Use a crock pot for your meals and spread it out. Chili, lasagna, stews, and more can be made in a crock-pot and they last several meals. It takes very little effort, usually just putting the ingredients into the pot and cooking. We usually make enough of something to last 3 meals. [Approx. savings $100/month]

With the money you save from the tips, take a chunk of it and pay off your debt, put it into a high interest savings account, and or start a retirement fund. Enjoy the rest of the money, you deserve it.

Photo Credit: Victor Geere