Remember that Qdoba game I told you about earlier? My husband and I both played it; he won a coupon for 50% off his meal, and I won a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of a drink.

After a busy weekday one night last week, we stopped by armed with coupons.

My son and daughter split the kids chicken quesadilla with applesauce and milk. My son loved the quesadilla and ate it all up. My daughter is going through a typical two year old fussy phase and only ate the applesauce. She also spilled most of the milk. (Yes, not one of our better dining out with kids experiences.)

My husband ordered the Ancho Chili BBQ Burrito with chicken. He put rice, black beans, chicken, sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and guacamole on it. This burrito was huge! He loved the taste of the sauce mixed with cilantro and guacamole and liked that the tortilla was moist. This burrito kept him full all evening long (and we ate dinner at 4 p.m.!). He is not normally a burrito fan, but he enjoyed this one.

I ordered the pulled pork tacos. I am currently struggling with what might be a dairy intolerance, and Qdoba puts all of their allergy information on their website, so I knew ahead of time that pork was the only meat they had that did not contain dairy. (Thank you Qdoba!) I put pulled pork, pico de gallo sauce, lettuce, tomato and crispy strips on my tacos. The tacos were very good, but a little watery. I would have liked to have had the meat drained a bit better. (I will ask for this next time.)

We also ordered two drinks.

Before coupons, our total was $23.21. After coupons, our total was $12.72. We saved $10.49 by playing their game for less than a minute. Have you checked out the game yet? Go here.