As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working a 9-5 temporary job for a bit. So while you’re reading this, I’m getting project started with the team. I’m working with some great people, so I think this should go well.

We’re planning on putting this income in our joint savings account and building our emeregency fund up. We also have to save money up for a refrigerator.dollar bill

Before we can save some money with this job’s income,though, we have to tackle some bills first:

  • We need to pay the vet for rabies shot for the cat. He’s due for his shots in October.
  • My ‘ABS’ light came on and off  so I have to call the mechanic today. I’m doing this as soon as the shop is open. I’m glad we have a mechanic to call. Look for a quality mechanic before you need a big job done. Make sure the shop has ASE certified mechanics and experience dealing with your car’s make and model.
  • I’m going to order contact lens. My optometrist works part-time (semi-retired), so I’ll call his office Thursday.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll keep track of my paychecks and record how much we save. I’m hoping that keep us motivated not to waste the money.

Photo Credit: klynslis