If you’re like me, you are always looking for a good deal.  It’s always a good feeling when you end up paying for something less than the listed price. It is especially rewarding when you save money on the best prices you’ve seen elsewhere.

Whether or not you know it, there are several times of the year where you can be frugal and save easy money on things you use.  Granted, the purchases may be few and far between, but saving money is saving money.

So just as the seasons change, so do the deals.  Let’s take a look at some of the best times to get those deals and save that money.

January Thaw?

You’ll find plenty of after Christmas deals including various gifts, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and other various Christmas delights.  This last Christmas season, we picked a few extra rolls of wrapping paper, greeting cards and ornaments for next year.  Most of the items were discounted around 70%.  Sweet.

Love is in the February Air!

This is about the time when retailers start to roll out the swimsuits and spring collections.  Move to the back racks of the store to score some great deals on winter wear like long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and pants.  Act fast though, otherwise XS and XXL seem to be the only sizes left.

The Ides of March.

The snowy season is coming to close and stores are trying to purge their winter inventories such as salt, snow-blowers and shovels.  If you’re in the market, why not get a good deal now for next season.  Sometimes even winter activity equipments like skis and snowboards also get deep discounts.

April Showers!

Think pastel colors.  Yes, Easter yields multiple deals, especially decorations and fun things for kids.  You can even treat yourself with some candy, but don’t save it for a year! I suppose you can have only so many baskets too.  That is not an April Fool’s joke.

It’s May Day!

It’s been said that it is the best time to score a trip to Hawaii or a trip in general.  Check out travel sites for discounted deals on vacations.  There are even several online hotel deals that include additional nights for free or complimentary dinner arrangements. May falls right between the Spring Break crowd and the summer rush when the weather is nice and school is out.

June Bash!

I have to say, nothing really jumped out at me for the month of June.  I know I’m excited for June, so maybe it’s time to take a break from deals?  Now that I think of it, I bet there are great deals on grocery store items like hot dogs, soda and other picnic items.  Time to tailgate and enjoy the great outdoors!

Hooray For July!

Happy Birthday, America!  Many places used Independence Day as a time to offer great deals.  Spend wisely and be sure to do your research on these deals.  Also, fireworks prices are often slashed and you can stock up for next years festivities.  Now is a good time to be patriotic and pick up an American flag, or what have you.

August..Yes, August.

Summer vacation is over (sorry boys and girls) and it’s back to school time.  Now is the best time for deals on summer clothes as the back to school fashions hit the racks.  My wife loves swimsuits, right dear?  So the best time to buy swimwear is now!

Back to School in September!

Summer is coming to a close and the temperatures are starting to dip.  Getting outdoor gear like bikes, tents, sports equipment could lead to some good deals for next year.  I’m an avid golfer, so green fees are usually also lower after Labor Day. Yay for golf specials! Fore!

Boo October, It’s Spooky!

School has been in session for a few weeks, now is the time to stock up on school consumables such as glue, notebooks and paper.  Even dorm accessories have hit the clearance aisles in full force.  Outdoor furniture tends to replaced by hay bales and witches, so now is a good time to get outdoor chairs or other patio furniture.

November is Turkey Time!

Another holiday roundup.  I never really can stomach paying full price for any type of seasonal items, especially Halloween.  So, if you need some orange and black decorations or a goblin mask, time to stock up!  OK, have some candy too if you must.  How can we forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Oh December, It’s Cold Again!

There is no secret to December’s best deals.  If you can stomach the long lines and pushy crowds, pre-Christmas sales can be quite enticing.  Couple deals with the coupons you’ve been saving all year and you can have yourselves a frugal Christmas!

Of course with any spending excursions, never buy anything you would never use. If you are like us, space is at a premium, so be with conscience of all your discount purchases.  We are all guilty of buying things we don’t need.

It’s great to save money, but it’s more important to stick to your budget.  So plan ahead! Obviously this list is not a comprehensive, catch all list, and maybe a bit regional.  I’d love to hear from the readers on other deals throughout the year!  So speak up!

Stupidly Yours,