Photo Credit:  Travis Isaacs

I’m fortunate enough to have money saved and my husband working to have time tolook for a job. Being frugal has kept expenses relatively low and takes some pressure of looking for employment. I’m going to look for a good fit this time with my job and ask better questions.

With how they ended it, I doubt my past clients will know what happened.

Here are some steps I’m working through:

  • Reviewing my last job. No, I’m not a sadist trying to rehash a bad experience. I’m trying to analyze what I loved, liked, disliked, and hated about this past job.
  • Reseach and learn from job sites and books. I have an excuse to go the library to find some books to work on my resume. I’m curently examining Brazen Careerist and he archives for informatin on sucessfully find a job and asking the right questions.
  • Updating my resume online and hardcopy. I’ve updated my resume on Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn, and a local job site. I’m calling to see if the carer center at my old university can help spruce it up.
  • Checking with people about my hunt. I’ve already let some people know about my job skills and what I’m looking for in a job. I think what helps is that I’ve done this for people. I believe that if you genuinely try to help others, they will do the same.
  • Going to relax and catch up with some friends. I’ve been pretty busy and I think this time will allow me to spend some time with famiy and friends. I invited my mom to come see Batman: The Dark Knight this upcoming weekend. I saw my uncle and brother this
  • Volunteer. I’m going to look around and see what I can get into. I personally think helping others is a great way to spend your time. Sometimes you can feel a bit too much self pity (I do a times) and volunteering reminds you that there are six billion other people out there.

It’s just something I pieced together. I’m open to any suggestions. Please leave any links to posts, articles, and openings in the comments. I’d like to use them for Part 2 of this series as well and I will give proper credit and links. After all, at some point e’re all going to look for jobs, I’m just looking sooner than you.  🙂