Happy Mother’s Day!

Because we knew the restaurants would be crowded for Mother’s Day and because it is not much fun to eat out with a 3 week old baby, we did take out today from one of our favorite restaurants, Mama Thai.

We love this restaurant because the food is fresh and the vegetable servings plentiful. In addition, it never tastes greasy, even when we order fried foods like Golden Crab.

(Golden Crab)

For today’s meal, we ordered Golden Crab ($6.50) as an appetizer. I have had crab ragoons at many restaurants, but these are my all time favorite!

(Pad Thai)

(Woonsen Pad Thai)

My husband and two kids ordered Pad Thai with tofu ($8.95) and Woonsen Pad Thai with tofu ($8.95) and ate it family style. There were plenty of leftovers for another meal.

(Cashew Chicken)

I ordered my favorite, Cashew Chicken ($9.95). I love this meal because it offers plentiful vegetables, nice golden pineapple chunks and plenty of crispy cashews. I too had plenty leftover for another meal.

We spent $34.35 on food and $3.45 on tax for a grand total of $37.80. Because we had take out, there was no tip or delivery fee to pay.