Good Morning Green Panda Readers!  We all live busy lives between working our 9 to 5 jobs, getting a higher education, trying to keep fit, and indulging in some personal fun every once and a while, we barely have time to eat and relax; let alone do our banking and pay our bills.  Mobile banking has become a more and more popular financial tool among young people and young professionals.  So today for the next post in our Fun Financial Tools For Twenty Somethings we are going to discuss the Most Popular Apps for our iPhone as well as Fun Apps for our iPhone.

Many financial institutions have hopped on the mobile banking bandwagon.  Most major financial institutions now offer their clients text banking, online banking, and iPhone apps to make banking on the go easy and accessible.  Today we are going to review the most popular apps for the iPhone as well as Fun apps for our iPhone from three major financial institutions.

Fun Apps for the iPhone

Chase bank which is a member of the J.P. Morgan Group, has some of the most creative and fun apps for the iPhone available in the financial market right now.  Chase Quick Deposit allows iPhone users to deposit our checks directly to our bank account by taking a picture of both the front and back of our check.  Clients who have downloaded and registered for the Chase Mobile App can deposit checks for free using their iPhone; we no longer have to search for a Chase bank branch or ABM.

The Chase Mobile App is available at the App Store or Android Market.  As a financial service employee my first thought when I saw this App was the potential for fraud, however the App has a Security Guarantee.

PNC offers a Virtual Wallet App for the iPhone which allows users to customize our banking experience for our personal needs.  The 90 second video explains the basics of the PNC Virtual Wallet which includes tracking our daily Spending account, saving for the short term in our Reserve account, and watching our money grow over the long term in our High Interest Growth account.

This is a fun iPhone App that made me want to buy an iPhone and open a bank account with PNC bank. The Virtual Wallet iPhone App is definitely targeting young adults who want to take the boring out of their mobile banking.  Through the Virtual Wallet we can use a budget calendar to diarize our paydays, organize our bills, and track our daily spending. We can even add items that we are saving up for to our Wish list.  This is definitely one of the most fun iPhone Apps that I have seen on the market.

Most Popular Apps for the iPhone

Chase offers a “How To” video on their Mobile Banking + Apps page which demonstrates how to download the Chase App to our iPhone as well as how to set up Chase mobile banking directly from our iPhone. Clients can check our account balances as well as perform various financial transactions from anywhere at any time through our iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Bank of America has recently launched a new App that is designed specifically for the iPad.  This App will allow BOA users to find the nearest ABMs and Bank Branches, as well as pay bills, and check account balances.  The BOA App is available on the App Store and can be downloaded directly from the iPad.  This App is designed to optimize the iPad experience.  Smart App, Smarter Banking.


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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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