Cars can be a big monthly expense if left unchecked. For us, we want to optimize our budget by minimizing total operating costs on our vehicles. With our car purchases we try to look at both how much the car costs upfront and how much it would cost to own it year after year.

One of the factors that led us to buying our sedan was the gas mileage. According to the government’s notes on fuel economy the Accord gets an average of 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. When we examined other Accord owners actual mileage on sites like Fuelly, we found quite a few drivers averaging 28mpg or higher. honda accord gas milage

Fuel Saving Tips

While gas prices are fluctuating a bit right now, it seems that over the long run they will continue to rise so improving our car’s mileage is a priority. (Even if prices fall, you still save money on fill-ups.) If you’re looking at paying less at the pump, here are some tips to get you started. Some of them may be familiar, but a few of them can cause you to drive a bit differently next time you get behind the wheels.

Drive Less

I know it sounds too obvious, but it’s important. Many times the most wasteful trips are the errands you could have completed by simply walking to and from or just taking your bike. Before you go on a trip, just double check to see if you really need to drive over there or if you can just walk over.

If you can take care of several errands in one run instead of doing multiple trips through out the week, your car’s gas mileage is typically higher.

No Distractions When Driving

Besides avoiding accidents, being a more conscious driver can save you a lot with gasoline. How? You can see the traffic patterns and reduce acceleration and braking constantly. If you noticed traffic is building up in front of you, you have time to either slowly decelerate or switch lanes to main your speed. Hitting the brakes or the gas pedal can decrease your fuel efficiency.

Track Your Performance

Just as tracking your actual spending can help you improve your finances, using sites like Fuelly (or keeping records yourself) to record your car’s average gas mileage can save you quite a bit of money. If you’re a competive person by nature, set yourself a challenge to beat other drivers with their gas mileage.

Check Your Tires

Besides making sure your ties are inflated properly, you should shop for a tire set with lower rolling resistance. They can improve your gas mileage a bit; Consumer Reports notes you can save $100/year replacing a worn tire.

Thoughts on Saving on Gas

I’d love to hear your ideas on saving on fuel costs. What tps do you have on improving your gas mileage? If you’re looking for more tips about transportation costs and car shopping, please check out theses posts:

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez