So I’m finally on my way up to Portland. After running myself into the ground, I had to postpone the drive up, but it will be fine. I haven’t seen my husband in over two weeks and, since I actually like the man I married, I can’t wait to see him. During this transition, I will try to keep writing at least a few articles a week, but it seems like I’m not going to have the chance to slow down like I hoped.

First of all, even though Mr. MT’s job has excellent growth potential, since it’s the opening of a company, it will be slow for the first couple of months. Our emergency fund should offer us approximately three months worry free, but I still think I would rather find a job working a couple days a week or a temp position, than exhaust our resources.

Secondly, I have to take a few classes for my licensing to continue my vocation in Oregon as compared to Nevada. Not only will this cost around $1200 (there goes our debt paydown), it also takes about three months. However, my income generating potential would go up significantly compared to each hour of work, so it’s worth it.

The good news is all of these things were taken into consideration when Mr. MT and I decided on this move. It is still scary to go into any situation knowing your emergency fund will be depleted and knowing that you won’t have any spending cash for extras. Wish me luck. My panic attacks could use it.