In case you missed yesterday’s post on my current credit card, I noticed that I didn’t have a low rate on it.

I called the credit card’s customer service line and spoke to a nice young man named Willie. I told him that I would like to have a lower rate on my card. He said that the actual credit card company had to handle that particular request. He politely gave me the number incase I got disconnected during the transfer.

After a few minutes of listening to a combination of elevator music and pitches to use the credit card I got to speak with a friendly woman named Maria. I again repeated my desire to lower my interest rate. She said that it is possible but they would have to run a credit check on me. I thought that was a bit strange. After 5 minutes of hold she said I qualified for a lower interest rate based on my score, which she revealed to me.

What I found interesting is that she described the tiered system the company uses to determine the APR. I was close to the next jump, but not quite there. My current interest rate is now 15.99%, I know it’s not a big jump, but it’s something. If my score goes up a smidge, then I’ll get 11.99%, once I call in (she was really helpful, reminding to call in when it goes higher).

Thanks Randall for the motivation to call them!

How helpful was your credit card company? Did they tell you of their tiered system?

Photo Credit: The Consumerist

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez