Take advantage of the changing seasons to clean out your closet and get rid of damaging clutter and selling your used clothes. But before you toss what you don’t want, think how you can make money with your old belongings. Selling your old clothes can be easy money if you know where to start and where to sell. Here’s how to sell used clothes:

Where to Start

Start by going through your closet, dresser, and wherever else you have your clothes stored. Separate your clothing into four piles including clothes to keep, more expensive clothes to sell, regular priced clothes to sell, and items to donate.

While you’re going through, be realistic. I have a  hard time parting with items, and I always try to tell myself that maybe I’ll want to wear it one day. If you haven’t worn it that season, chances are you won’t wear it again. If it doesn’t fit properly or you’re not comfortable in it, get rid of it.

Once you have your piles complete, prepare the clothes you want to sell. Be sure they are clean and not wrinkled.

Where to Sell

Upscale Consignment Shop

For your pricier items, like designer labels or fancier items, take your clothes to a consignment shop. In most cases, you’ll bring in your gently used clothes, and the store will set the price they are asking for. If someone buys it, you will get a set percentage of the sale. Most stores allow you to keep your garment in the store for a designated amount of time like 60 or 90 days. At that point, you can choose to let them donate it to charity or go back to keep your item. Keep in mind that a consignment store may require you to make an appointment before going in and also may request you to bring your clothes on hangers. When in doubt, call the store ahead of time to see exactly how it works.


If you don’t have an upscale consignment store nearby, you can also sell your clothes on eBay. Be sure you properly photograph and describe your item. Luckily,  Adam Backer’s “Sell Your Crap” can help you become a pro at this. It’s a great guide that can help you sell your unwanted things online. It includes 4 ebooks and shows you how to sell your stuff on top online websites such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon.

Online sites for specific items

After your wedding day is over, why should that expensive wedding dress just sit in the back of a closet collecting dust? Instead, you can sell your it for cash online. Sites like Pre Owned Wedding Dresses and Recycled Bride allow you to list your dress to sell it. The same goes for prom dresses with Sell My Prom Dress.

Second hand store

For less expensive clothes that aren’t accepted by a consignment shop, visit a second hand store. Plato’s Closet  is a good chain second hand store to bring trendy items. Once Upon a Child is an option for selling used baby and children clothing. Find a store that sells the type of items you’re looking to bring in.

Garage or Yard Sale

If you didn’t have much luck at second hand stores, sell your clothes at a garage or yard sale. List your sale on Craigslist, on community boards, in the local newspaper, and on flyers around town. Spread the word with friends, family, and neighbors as well.


Donate all of your items that didn’t sell to a thrift store, local church, or other charitable organization. Donating items helps you reduce clutter while helping those less fortunate. You can also get a tax deduction for your donated items.

Where do you sell your used clothes?

Kristen Kuchar

Kristen Kuchar

Kristen Kuchar is a freelance writer and editor who has learned how to save money without giving up a passion for travel, food, and living a fun life. She has written about personal finance for several years and graduated with a degree in Journalism. Follow her on Twitter @KristenKuchar.