Google Knows Where You Are

Do you check random things like I do? I have checked to see if my phone number was listed on the web. I checked my number and it was not listed on Google or ZabaSearch and neither was my husband’s number. Whew, a sigh of relief.

What if it was though? How could I remove my number off of Google?

I did what any self-respect writer does when I posed with a question, I researched. How did I go about this intricate and deep probe? I typed into Google Search “How to Remove Phone Number Off of Google”. Guess who had the #1 answer? Google! It’s not  complicated. Here’s all you have to do:

  • A Phone Icon will be next to your number, click it.
  • Fill out a form requesting that you have your number removed and submit.
  • Wait 48 hours and check to see if it actually was removed.

Note: This is a permanent request. You cannot change your mind and add it later.

Also it should be noted that you may also check to see if any other website has your number (White Pages, etc) and requested them to remove your number.

It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes.

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Photo Credit: garryknight