Photo Credit: Green Panda

How much is the merchandise at Disney World marked up? I did an informal comparison while on vacation. Outside Disney World there’s a Walmart that sells some Disney souvenirs. Donald Duck is my favorite Disney character of all time, so I wanted to get a doll for myself.

I bought a Small Donald Duck doll for $5 plus tax(6%). The next day we went back to Disney World and I kept an eye out for a comparable doll. I didn’t have to find a comparable doll. I found the exact same doll, for $13 after taxes. (Disney seems to have a standardized price on dolls based on size.)I don’t know the wholesale price of that doll, but I’ll use Wal-Mart’s price since they claim to have the lowest price. Let;s see how much Disney would make off of the Donald Duck doll.

Last year Disney saw approximately over 16 million people in the Magic Kingdom Park (this is just one of the 4 main parks). If they each got a doll, then they would make $208 million. After taking out $80 million for costs, they get $128 million before taxes. That’s how Disney World makes its money. The ticket prices which seem high go back into the park. Disney World spends $100 million on renovations every year.

So is Disney World a rip off for souvenirs? Not really. I think that you should shop outside Disney world to confirm that you’re getting something exclusive from the park. Don’t spend money on what you can get at Wal-Mart. If you don’t, then you can lose some money.

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