Most people these days have some form of gadgetry and technology. It might just be a smartphone for some, but others like to have any number of gadgets and devices on hand. Some people seem to have one of everything, such as tablets, laptops, cameras, music players and anything else that can be considered a modern electronic gadget.
Yet, in all practicality, how many gadgets is enough? People survived before these gadgets came along so they aren’t an all important aspect of life. They are highly useful but they are also expensive. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs or reduce clutter, downgrading to some core gadgets has its benefits. First of all, it allows you to save money, or focus your money on fewer gadgets, getting better quality for your efforts. Secondly, fewer gadgets are much easier to manage and keep track of.
With this in mind, here are a few things to consider. Whether its understanding if your gadgets overlap in usefulness and purpose or learning what to do with the older devices you no longer need, this should hopefully encourage you to think about what you actually need out of your technology.
Overlapping Gadgets
One of the key problems with too many gadgets is that they often overlap. In other words, there are situations where you only need one device, yet you have several that can fulfil the purpose. You likely only turn to one when you have the choice, so the others only serve to complicate things.
For instance, if you like browsing the web, do you really need a laptop and a tablet? Whilst a smartphone can be useful for on-the-move browsing, a tablet and laptop fulfil a similar space. Do you want to carry both on you at times or do you try and predict which one you need? In either case, would it not be simpler to simply stick to one and adapt to using that one all the time?
Other examples include cameras and music players. Carrying a smartphone and camera of similar mega-pixels essentially means you’re carrying two of the same devices when it comes to any photography needs; definitely unnecessary.
Unwanted Devices
So, what can be done about those devices you no longer want or need? You don’t need them, so the best thing to do is to turn them into money, something you will likely always need. If you head online you can sell most devices easily.
If you’re looking to sell ipads, smartphones, tablets or anything else, you can quickly get it valued and sent off. This not only gets it out of your hands, freeing space, but results in you getting paid for your efforts.
A typical blogger on the go, Celina Stork has grown to both rely and utilise technology. This is something expressed throughout her writing, talking to other people and giving advice on the various aspects of new technology – from going online to sell iPads to learning how to use new devices to their full capabilities.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans