There, I admit it! No, I’m not going through the twelve step program to rid myself of keeping anything and everything, but it’s time to take some action. I definitely fall into the ‘what if’ mind game that if I get rid of something, I’ll end up needing it later then forcing me to make an additional purchase. Of course, that probably would never be the case. I’m convinced that I’ve inherited this habit from my family, right? Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a few steps to rid myself of some junk.

It’s crazy to think I still have my first computer that I purchased sitting in the computer room, packed away in the corner. Oh, did I forget to mention it is sitting next to another computer AND laptop? But wait, there’s more! I also have my current, daily laptop that I use, which is also aging considering how fast technology changes. I’m a tech junkie, but that is my career, so I suppose it’s not that odd. So, as a first step, I started to pull an important information off to an external NAS. Safe and secure.

My goal is to get rid of my packratishness, especially all the computer equipment I’ve accumulated. I have tons of spare parts. I started to list and sell parts on eBay and in just a few short hours, started to make some money. I had spare hard drives, network cards, RAM and other various computer parts that did have some value. I’m such a geek.

So there you go. If I can overcome being a pack rat, you can do it too! Take a look around at things that you haven’t used for ages that still have some value to others. Check out eBay to find out how much you could end up getting if you end up listing the item. Don’t forget, the same thing goes for selling your old college textbooks. You’ll probably be pretty surprised. Slowly, but surely, I’ll be helping my parents do the same thing. It doesn’t hurt to get some extra cash from selling all your dust covered junk!

Now, the next thing I need to overcome is being a digital pack rat!

Are you motivated yet? So when do you say enough is enough?

Stupidly Yours,