If you haven’t looked into it already, now is the time to consider getting some health insurance coverage. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge medical bill that can not only ruin your finances, but can cause you a lot of emotion stress. The good news is that there are some options to consider. You just need to look at your current needs and go from there.

Getting the Right Coverage -Mass Health Insurance?

If you have a spouse or kids, you should even more closely at the coverage your policy offers because you don’t want to be left with a huge hospital bill due to a gap in coverage. Double check the deductible that comes with the health insurance policy. If have some savings set aside, you can raise the deductible and save on the premium. However, if you don’t have any savings, a high deductible is no help for you.

Sometimes you can get solid coverage at a reasonable price by checking out group plans. Ins addition to what they may offer at your job, see if any of your professional memberships qualify you for a group discount. I even found out that if you join your state’s farm bureau (for North Carolina membership is only $25/year), you can not get health insurance, but you can also get discounts on other insurance policies. It’s not only for farmers – just check to see what qualifications are for your individual state.

Finding Health Within Your Budget

Of course the hard part when shopping around for health insurance is finding within your own budget. If you have a lapse in your premium payment, your coverage is nonexistent. If you’re tight on money, but want to have health insurance, an option you may want to consider is short term insurance. It’s typically 6 months or less and it covers a portion of ER visits.

Another option if you’re still in college is looking at being a part of your parents’ health insurance policy. While it may costs a bit of money, there’s a good chance it’ll give you the most bang for your buck. Simply take the time to budget your portion of the premium into your spending plan. If your parents can cover the expense, that’s an even better deal. Do them a favor and stay healthy, keeping their health insurance expenses low.

Thoughts on Health Insurance and You

Take your time when searching for health insurance. You want to find the best value, not the cheapest policy. I hope this information can help you make the best choice. If you have any information, please share them in the comments.  How many of you have health insurance coverage right now? How were you able to find the best deal? We can all help each other out with this important expense.


Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez