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I filled my car today and it was $2.64/gallon today, a 10 cent drop from yesterday. It’s great to see fillups go from $50 to around $35. As you can see by the lovely chart above, my city is seeing gas drop a bit in the past month. 

The skeptic in me doesn’t think this trend will continue and I ave decided to keep my conservation habits even as gasoline is getting a it less expensive. 


  • Removed excess clutter and weigh from my car. My trunk was a mess and had a lot of things in the back. I donated a couple bags of clthes finally and organized it a bit. Less weight means better mileage. 
  • Carpooled when possible. A few of my friends and I try to carpool. It saves on gasoline and on some wear and tear with our own cars.  
  • Combined errands to minimize trips.  Instead of doing several trips around the city, I bunch errands together that are in the same vicinty. I also learned to not be as impulsive with driving around. 


I am not happy when gas prices rise, but hopefully I’m learning to be wiser with using my car. 

 Has fallng gasoline prices affected your car driving lifestyle?