There are a lot of different options when it comes to insuring your car.  Plus, the car insurance market is extremely competitive.  As a result, there are almost unlimited options for levels of coverage for car.  Make sure that you figure out what is the best for your situation, and shop around for the best rate making sure that you are comparing apples to apples.  You could also use a comparison site like to help you.
Three Basic Types of Coverage
There are three main types of car insurance.  The most basic is liability coverage.  This is what is required by most places to be able to drive.  It just covers your liability should you injure someone or cause damage to someone else’s property.  If you choose this coverage, you will be covered for the damage you cause, but not for any damage to your vehicle or property.
The next level up is collision insurance.  This not only covers your liability, but it also covers your costs to repair your vehicle should you be in a collision.  This coverage is useful because it will get you back in your car should you be in an accident.
Finally, there is comprehensive insurance.  This covers everything that liability and collisions covers, but it also covers the costs should something happen to your car that is not related to an accident.  A good example is theft.  If your car is stolen, comprehensive insurance will replace your vehicle or write you a check for the value of your vehicle.  It also covers things like damage from weather, hitting a animal, and more.
The Extras
Every insurance company also offers extras as “add-on” services for their insurance products.  They tend to use these to make extra cash, since they are not costly, and many people sign up for them.  A common extra is offering roadside assistance services, such as towing or jump-starting your car.  For a very small fee (usually less than $10), you can have this extra added onto your insurance in case you need it.  It could come in handy should you need a jump.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans