Last week I blogged about Famous Dave’s trying to reach 100,000 fans on Facebook. We were one of the ones who clicked “Like” on Facebook, and we were rewarded with a $15 gift certificate for an entree when you buy another.

(Two Meat BBQ Combo)

We took advantage of the coupon and bought more expensive meals than we would have. My son and I split the Two Meat BBQ Combo ($15.49) and were served a healthy serving of ribs, chopped pork on bread, a corn muffin, baked beans, a small corn on the cob and french fries. My son loved the ribs and baked beans. I found the pork to be very moist and flavorful. However, my body and fattier meats don’t agree, so I could only eat a bit of that. The corn muffin was very moist and tasty.

(St. Louis Style Ribs)

My husband ordered the St. Louis Style Ribs meal ($15.49) and got the ribs, 3 corn muffins (he ordered two as one of our sides for our daughter who loves them), a small ear of corn on the cob and fries. My husband loved the ribs and has decided that is his favorite dish there. He experimented by trying one of each of the different Famous Dave’s sauces on the table; he put a different sauce on each rib; his favorite was the Sweet & Zesty sauce.

We had two leftover containers to take home after this feast. What a deal!

Our total before the coupon was $33.27 plus $5.00 tip for a total of $38.27. After the $15 off coupon, our total came to $25.01, right on target.