Some people our age think that that eating out for lunch is typical and is alright. They feel that getting a combo at some fast food place they’re saving money or if they go for a healthier option, it’ll help them in the long run. First off, eating out is not bad. It can be fun and a chance to talk with your friends. Eating out constantly, though, can affect your health and drain your wallet. Even with all the value menus, out there, it can still be cheaper to bring leftovers.

Finding Healthy Options for Lunch

I work in a rural area and there aren’t many choices compared to where I live. There’s a strip of fast food joints on one street. It’s convenient if I forgot my lunch, but it’s not healthy. Brownbagging saves me time because I can just get up and eat. There’s no commuting to pick up lunch. I save gas by staying put, but if the weather is nice, there are tables outside for employees. There’s a great view from there and it’s nice be out in the sun instead of being indoors all day.

We try to make well-balanced dinners, so my lunches include lasagna, pork chops with rice and veggies, roast pork shoulder with rice and beans, and more. Some dinners are better the next day and it keeps me from throwing out food out of the fridge that gets too old.

I do eat out with co-workers from time to time for certain cuisine, like sushi. It’s better fresh and the atmosphere is relaxing. I spend my money on the experience and food.

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My husband goes more for the sandwich route for his meals. We refill meats, bread, and cheese each week. He is pretty consistent with it and enjoys his lunches. I’d personally get bored having sandwiches, but if it works for him, great. He also eats out sometimes and that’s ok. You should enjoy your money, just try to use it wisely and on things that matter to you.

Plan for Money Saved By Brownbagging My Lunch

The money I save goes towards my emergency fund and paying off my car loan payment. I feel better knowing that I’m reducing the amount of debt I’m carrying and saving up for a rainy day. My husband keeps his money in his individual account, so kudos to him as well. He will splurge maybe twice a year on something for his computer. His latest purchase was a widescreen monitor. He found a great deal and had the cash to buy it.

What do you do for lunch? If you brown bag, what are your plans for the saved money?

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Photo Credit: 46137

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez