It’s about that time of year where we start to see a steady rise in gas prices as we begin to thaw out of this winter chill.  So in light of the recent rise in gas prices, let’s take a fun look at what a gallon of various household items cost.  Maybe gas isn’t that expensive after all? You be the judge…

ItemPrice per OuncePrice per Gallon
Tap Water$.00Yep, still FREE
Regular Unleaded Gasoline (2/18/09)$.015$1.96
Mid Unleaded Gasoline (2/18/09)$.016$2.08
Premium Unleaded Gasoline (2/18/09)$.017$2.16
Regular Unleaded Gasoline All-Time High
Mountain Dew$.04$5.12
Miller High Life (bottles)$.07$8.96
Fiji Bottled Water$.10$12.80
Chocolate Syrup$.11$14.08
Listerine Mouthwash$.19$24.32
Motor Oil$.20$25.60
Laundry Detergent$.23$29.44
Soy Sauce$.24$30.72
Red Bull$.24$30.72
Starbucks Latte (2 shot espresso)$.31$39.68
Nexxus Shampoo$.50$64.00
A1 Steak Sauce$.51$65.28
Extra Virgin Olive Oil$.53$67.84
Vick’s Nyquil$.75$96.00
Tabasco Sauce$.85$108.80
Contact Lens Solution$.92$117.76
Absolut Vodka$.98$125.44
White Out$2.50$320.00
Vanilla Extract$4.20$537.60
Visine Eye Drops$10.00$1,280
Nail Polish$12.00$1,536
Chanel No. 5$45.00$5,760

OK, maybe the Chanel was a stretch, but most perfumes and colognes are not cheap when you think about how little you get for the price.  So does this list put the price of gas in perspective? Yes, I know we don’t consume gallons of these items, if at all in a lifetime.  Just be glad you don’t have to fill you tank with any of the above items.

What other items can you add?

Stupidly Yours,