You may have heard about Yelp. This is a great place to go to read restaurant reviews from everyday people. In addition, to the review, you can also find other pertinent details such as the average cost, if it is family friendly, wheelchair accessible, takes reservations, etc.

However, the site is valuable for much more than that. In addition to restaurants, you can find reviews for many other local businesses as far reaching as educational institutions to religious institutions to real estate. Furthermore, there is an active discussion board.

I love sushi, so recently I posted a question on Yelp “Where is a good place to go to get tasty, reasonably priced sushi?” To my surprise, over 30 people answered! Many of their answers were for place I had not heard of before (and plan to try now!).

Are you travelling? If so, change locations on Yelp and pose a question for those in the area you will be travelling to. You could ask about family friendly restaurants, upscale restaurants, tourist destinations, the list goes on and on.

If you haven’t done so, check out Yelp. You may even discover some things in your area of town that you never knew about.

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