Due to an errand being rearranged, I got home earlier than expected. It’s in the low 70s where I’m at and the sun is out. Since I live across the street from the beach I decided to mix fun with pleasure. I tossed some laundry in and decided to walk on the beach while it washes.

Cost of this? Nothing,well if you factor in rent and utilities then it does cost a bit ($650/month for rent and electricity). The strange part is just down the street people are paying $800,000 for the chance to enjoy the beach. This area is such a mix of economic backgrounds.

I caught up on some reading and found two different articles, both published by USA Today (thanks Ana!):

My question is which is more true in your area?

The stories are only a few days apart, so I’m a bit confused. Are Americans skipping out on luxuries like Starbucks, but using their credit cards to pay their bills? That’s a bit scary.

Here’s something on saving money….

For all the ING Direct members and those considering using ING, here’s a nifty calculator to see what your monthly earnings in interest will be.

Photo Credit:  Chalky Lives