We got back from a fun weekend. We back to our old place (LOL, it’s only been like 6 weeks) to celebrate the graduations of my brother in law and one of my dear friends. He’s a physical therapy assistant. It’s something that fits him as he’s athletic and loves helping people reach their potential.

My friend is already working in her field by helping out local families with low income or housing issues as an advocate’s assistant. This is a personal passion of hers and I’m happy to say she graduated with no student loan debt!

It’s amazing that these two found majors that they care about and have the talent and drive to succeed in. I wish them the best and much happiness.

It was a fun and tiring weekend! Graduation ceremonies seem much longer when they are not your own!  While waiting for my friend to be called, I was working on Big Brain Academy. I have a B- and my suggested career is doctor. (LOL!) There was tons of food this weekend and I think I’m going to explode. Otherwise I feel great!

We’re back home now, so I should be rested for work tomorrow. I feel energized from having such a good time.

Some more good news: another  good friend started a blog about step families. She’s a good mom and thought a blog sharing the joys, adjustments,headaches, and triumphs of step families would be beneficial to all. It’s called TheStepLife and she’d welcome any feedback and participation. Also if you’re interested in sharing your story in written form, she’ll be happy to accept. It’s hard keeping the family running, working full-time, and starting a new site. I don’t know how she does it. Some recent topics shared included:

I just wanted to share some good news with everyone. I hope you had a great weekend!