Do you hate doing a big clean up every week? I know I do.  I’m busy and I don’t have time to clean as well as I like. We get guests over and it can be a hassle to scramble before they come.

Tips for keeping your apartment looking clean, quickly

  • Make your bed after you showered and get dressed. It keeps the appearance neat and gives the bed a chance to air out. Remember to change your sheets once a week.
  • Have one basin filled with soapy water and put dishes in there to do later.This is a source of stress for many couples as one wants the dishes done right away and the other takes their time. A compromise is to have the dishes ‘soaking’ in one basin. That person can come back to it later. If dishes are in the second basin, then it’s time to do all the dishes.
  • Clean as you use in the bathroom. This room can get messy quick, so it’s best to wipe the sink off when your finished and clean around the toilet. When you wait a week to go back and clean, it’s usually disgusting and you put it off more.
  • Throw away excess paper around the front of the apartment. Throw the junk mail out as soon as you get it. By just doing that, it’ll make the apartment seems tidier and more organized.

There you go, just 4 quick things that will make your apartment seem cleaner without scrubbing or toiling a whole day. Little by little helps out more as well.