As final exams are being given out and summer break coming up so quickly, finding some weekend getaways and cheap vacations are on the minds of many college students’ (and soon to be grads).

Road Trips – Cheap and Fun

If you’re looking at exploring the United States or Canada and see something different, road trips by yourself or with some buddies can be just the ticket. The additional benefit of car pooling is that you get to split the costs. Saving up for a vacation also means you don’t have to pay off the debt (along with interest) months travel insurance

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Some things that we did with friends was to go camping by the Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina. The expieirence was fantastic – we went as the leaves were changing colors and pretty cheap. Camping during the summer means you may be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures in the water.

If you and your friends aren’t into roughing it, but still want to enjoy nature, consider staying at hotel near a national park. Spend the day enjoying the outdoors and come back to a warm shower and bed at night. The best of both worlds.

Beach Picnics

You and your friends may want to rush over to the beach before Memorial weekend hits and prices jump up. Swimming, surfing, or just having a picnic on the beach are great options with having to empty your wallet. Stay n affordable motel and just spend your getaway relaxing.

If you’re looking for some great food without the tourist spots, ask around for people’s favorite spots. When we lived in Virginia Beach some of the best seafood was north of the tourist area, right by the marinas. Great food and it was much cheaper.

Take a Cultural Tour of a City

If you have your heart on a metropolis visit, but you have a limited budget, you may want to try out a cultural tour of your getaway spot. Did you know that many museums have not only discounted tickets for college students, but also free admissions days? Of course for many people New York City comes mind. While it is a wonderful place to explore, there are some others cities that may be closer to you (and cheaper) to visit.

When we went to Chicago last fall, we spent some time at the Shedd Aquarium. Had we had more time, we would’ve headed over to a few other spots, such as:

  • Adler Planetarium 1300 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605 (312) 922-7827
  • The Art Institute of Chicago 111 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60603
  • Chicago History Museum 1601 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 642-4600

You can really find some great jewels by looking up museums around a city, depending on what’s your interest.

 Thoughts on Cheap Getaways

No matter where you go, make sure you get to good food on the road. Want to try some great food from hole in the wall spots? Try sites like to discover different food joints. How many of you have plans to enjoy the summer break? What cheap getaways are you going to take?

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez