The best way to save money is to prepare for emergencies.  A few months ago I went to visit my mother my tire blew out. I had a spare to put on, but it was a little flat. We had to drive some miles before we hit a gas station that had an air pump. Now I try to check on the spare tire to make sure it is properly inflated. The Simple Dollar also posted about this as well. Being prepared is usually a very good thing.

I decided to include a list of things you might need for your car.

· First aid kit (A good one can be found for $10)

· Flashlight (Wal-Mart has a large one for only $3)

· Fix-a-flat

· Jumper cables (this has helped me numerous times)

· Rags (old T-shirts, etc.)

· Road flares

If I forgotten something, please add it with a comment.


Thanks Charlene for your help on other essential things for the car kit. I looked up on Google for prices and found some pre-made kits for anybody that wants to get one: