BusinessWeek is continuing its coverage of college students and the credit card companies hoping to get more customers on its rolls. Jessica Silver-Greenburg did a fantastic job with this series as it tries to be balanced and neither present students as victims nor completely at fault for the heavy pushing on them.  Here’s the snippet I found interesting:

Activists groups are adopting the credit card industry’s own practices to try to stop students from drowning in debt. Instead of credit card applications, these marketers are handing out information booklets outlining credit traps and unfair practices that can victimize students. Instead of Frisbees and T-shirts, these marketers are passing out lollipops that read, “Don’t be a sucker.” Led by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, the counter-credit card marketers set up tables on 34 campuses across the country. It was a guerrilla marketing campaign, funded by the Ford Foundation and organized by U.S. PIRG, to reform the way that credit card companies market to college students. 

I hope you read the rest of the article. Leave a comment on what you think.