2 weeks ago, Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt launched his first ebook; Unautomate Your Finances. Just before that, about a month ago, Peter Anderson from Bible Money Matters did the same thing. Since those 2 ebooks are amazing and I know there are several great personal finance ebooks written by bloggers, I thought I would start gathering them into a single post.

So today I am publishing the Best of Personal Finance Ebooks page. Since I am already sure that I have forgotten a few good ones, I am starting you off with this list and I’ll be adding more along the way, preferably with your help. Make sure to share your favourite personal ebooks by commenting at the bottom of this page!

Best Personal Finance Ebooks from Bloggers:


Ebook Title: Blueprint For How To Make Money With A Blog

Topic: Make money blogging

Blog: Bible Money Matters

Price: $29.95 (really worth it!)

What is it?: You are looking for a way to make more cash, you are thinking of having a blog or you do have one but you don’t know how to turn a profit from it? This ebook is for you.

This complete ebook is a real blueprint to make money with a blog. In the first pages, you will learn how to choose a topic, setup a website and start blogging. For those who know the basics, midway through the book you will learn how to promote your site and increase traffic. And for those who already have a solid blog and have started to make a few bucks, you will compliment your knowledge in terms of useful plugins, different ways to make money and most importantly, how to optimize monetization on your blog. I will personally use the last 10 pages of the ebook in order to increase my online income.

I would have liked to see more advanced techniques on how to make even more cash (things such as improving affiliate success, how to build high income earner articles or pages) but I guess this will come in a future ebook from Peter who did an awesome job on this one.

Favorite Quote:If blogging to make money is serious to you, then treat it like a business” By Frugal Dad from Blueprint For How To Make Money With a Blog.

Get it: Blueprint For How To Make Money With A Blog


Ebook Title: Unautomate Your Finances

Topic: Money Management

Blog: Man vs Debt

Price: $17.00

What is it?: Before buying the book, you get a 5 minute video produced by Adam Baker (the author and blogger behind Man vs Debt). I was delighted by the small window he opened to his mindset about personal finance. “There are no easy solutions. It’s going to take hard work… We explored our own lives for ways we can raise our consciousness… It’s not a system, it’s an idea, it’s a concept”.

This ebook is a revolution opposing the “normal way” of managing personal finance established by our society. This is a great story about a man who wins his battle against debt and pay off his unsecured personal loans. But instead of sharing a magical way to get out of debt and get control over your personal finance, Baker offers an interesting way to drive your battle against debt: unautomate your finances to realize what you are really doing with your money instead of following the crowd.

Finance automation has been great, yet over time, as is the case with many other beautiful ideas, people have drifted away from the idea’s core. Instead of using technology to simplify how we manage money smartly, we just streamlined everything.  This was done without consideration if it was good or not for our personal finance.

This ebook is refreshing and will lead you to another way of thinking about your personal finance. I’d suggest it for everyone as it will help you realize what really matters.

And most importantly, I had fun reading his book! It is filled with quotes, I just couldn’t stop smiling while reading!

Favorite Quote: “Unautomation is…

…the process of re-attaching and re-sensitizing ourselves to our financial lives

…the art of peeling away the excess and attacking the underlying problem.

… the exercise of designing your financial life without the assumptions that feed our consumerist society.

… the realization that car payments may not be a fact of life and that mortgages don’t have to last 30 years.”

Get it: Unautomate Your Finances


Ebook Title: 52 Ways to Make Extra Money

Topic: Making extra income

Blog: PT Money

Price: Free! (must register to the free PT Money mailing list)

What is it?: Born from one of his posts which made the front page of MSN.com, PT decided to extend his thoughts on making extra bucks and created this great ebook. While you won’t be able to apply the full 52 ways (bar tending, teaching swim lessons and writing a blog may require different skills and knowledge 😉 ), I am sure you will be able to increase your level of income with those ideas.

What I also like about the book is that PT doesn’t leave you with just the idea. For some ideas that seem more complicated, he also provides you with quick steps to achieve your goal.

Among the interesting ideas, we found becoming a mystery shopper, sell your body (not the old fashion way but by selling plasma, hair, eggs and sperm), tutoring and staging homes (especially in today’s market!).

Favorite Quote: “This may not seem like much, but it adds up extremely fast!”

Get it: 52 Ways to Make Extra Money


Ebook Title: How to Save Money on Everything

Topic: Saving money

Blog: Money Ning

Price: Free! (must register to the free Money Ning mailing list)

What is it?: If you are looking to save money somewhere, you will surely find something interesting in this book!

There are countless money savings tips that go from childcare to skiing. At the beginning of the book, you will find the table of contents with all the places where you can save money. This way it is very easy to navigate from one topic to another.

Favorite Quote: “I’m tired of paying for everything and I’m sure you are too… I asked around for help in putting together this ebook, which focuses on saving money for the average joe (that’s you and me!).”

Get it: How to Save Money on Everything


Ebook Title: Frugal Food & Fitness

Topic: Frugality and food

Blog: Squawkfox

Price: Free!

What is it?: It’s more than a  book about saving on food. It’s more than a recipe ebook. It’s more than a ebook about frugal ways to stay fit. It’s the 3 of them altogether in one free book!

Fun to read and colourful, Kerry Taylor, the author of 397 ways to save money, brings us a great book to put us back on the right track to frugal living and staying fit for at reasonable costs.

Recipes are easy to follow and easy to understand (I like cooking but I am not great with fancy and complicated meals!). As with any great cookbook, you will see what your meal should look like for each recipe. What I like is that the photos were not taken by a professional; they were taken by Kerry herself!

I really like the last part of her book where Taylor presents various frugal ways to stay fit. Among them, you have 3 walking plan schedules (from the coach potato to the walking machine). At the end of the book, you also get a free printable workout log. Definitely a must if you want to stay fit!

Favorite Quote: “… spending big bucks on diet supplements will help us lose weight and get fit. It’s all a bunch of bulls$it”.

Get it: Frugal Food & Fitness


Ebook Title: 99 Painless Ways to Save Serious Money

Topic: Saving money

Blog: Dough Roller

Price: Free! (must register to the free Dough Roller mailing list)

What is it?: Another great book about saving money on little things in your house. The author concentrates his book on how to save on simple things that will have an immediate impact on your monthly budget. While some of them are obvious (like buying programmable thermostats), other tricks are smarter (how to cancel cable and still watch TV).

Out of the 99 ways to save money, you will surely find a few tips to add to your own list!

Get it: 99 Painless Ways to Save Serious Money


There you have it, the list of all the Personal Finance Ebooks from bloggers I have found so far. I’ll be updating this list and doing more reviews in the future.

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Author: Mike.