It’s mid August and that means that students and parents all across the country are travelling to college campuses, shopping for furniture and getting ready for the new fall semester to begin. You may be a returning college student or you may be a college freshman, you may be moving into a dorm room or you may be moving into your own apartment.  Regardless of where you are studying or where you are living if you are a student then you are probably in full on Back to School mode.

TD Bank recently published an article to help college students with their Back to School madness.  Here are a few tips to help you get settled in for the new fall semester:

– Find the Best Lifestyle Option For You.  The social aspect of college may be just as important as the academic aspect.  The friends that you make during college could end up being future colleagues or life-long friends.  Try to surround yourself with good people who can support you in your studies, find friends who have similar work ethics and personal goals.  It’s definitely hard to concentrate on studying if you are uncomfortable in your living arrangements.  Try to find a suitable living arrangement that is close to your school’s campus and within your personal budget.  The less you have to worry about in your personal life the more you can focus on your studies.

– Don’t Break Good Habits. If you are a returning college student then the back to school madness may not be such a big adjustment.  But if you are a college freshman then the back to school madness may be a little bit overwhelming.  Try to keep your good habits with you when you move away for college.  If you usually eat 3 well balanced meals every day then keep your healthy habits when you go back to school.  If you usually work out 3 times a week then stay active when you go back to school.  If you are a college freshman you don’t want to gain the “freshman fifteen”

– Get Familiar With Your Surroundings. One of the easiest ways to get adjusted to your new college life when going back to school is to get familiar with your neighbourhood and college campus.  Find the cheapest grocery stores, find the closest pharmacy, and get familiar with the on campus routes for all of your classes.  If you don’t live within walking distance to your college campus then get familiar with the routes of your local public transport services.  Back to school will be a lot less stressful if you are comfortable with your surroundings.

– Ask For Help and Don’t Be Shy. If you are a college freshman or if you are a soon to be graduate you can always learn something from more experienced students.  There are several student organizations and services that cater to students regardless of where you are in your college career. You can find student organizations that can help you with any aspect of your college career from adjusting to college life to creating your resume and looking for a job. Check with your local student union for a full listing of all the services that are available for students.

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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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