Phone apps that allow you to save money are one of the best tools that your mobile phone offers you. Whether you’re using a barcode scanner to find a better deal at a nearby store or you’re taking advantage of a mobile coupon, these apps reduce your daily expenses.

Here are 10 tips for properly using mobile phone apps to save money … and below you’ll find 75 different money-saving apps that may be worth checking out.

10 Tips for Saving Money Using Mobile Apps


  1. Always try free apps first.
  2. Track how much you spend on apps.
  3. Set a limit of what you’ll spend on apps per month.
  4. Only choose phone apps you really will use.
  5. Delete unused apps regularly to reduce memory storage drain.
  6. Don’t let apps run in the background on your phone. It drains battery and costs you to recharge.
  7. Choose and use one good budgeting app. Budgeting is always important!
  8. Don’t let shopping apps and coupon apps encourage you to spend money impulsively.
  9. Make it a habit to read money-saving tips on your apps daily.
  10. Double-check the information you get from apps. This is especially true when looking for cheap deals on expensive items like airfare. Always comparison shop.

75 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

  1. 100+ Money Saving Tips. An iPhone app providing money-saving tips to help you out.
  2. AirFare. An iPhone app for finding cheap flights.
  3. AroundMe. Reduce the cost of getting from one place to another by using this app to see what is closest to you.
  4. ATM Hunter. Find your own bank using this app so that you can avoid ATM fees at competitor banks.
  5. AudioBooks. Save money on reading by checking out these free audio books.
  6. Bang/Buck. An iPhone app that helps you find free and cheap beer deals in your area!
  7. Better Deal. Compare 2-4 packages to see which offers the best deal.
  8. Bloomberg app. A free iPhone app to help track stocks.
  9. CashFinder. The UK version of the aforementioned ATM Hunter.
  10. Cellfire. An iPhone app that offers mobile coupons for grocery store savings.
  11. Cheap Gas. This app helps you find the cheapest gas near you.
  12. Compare Me. An iPhone app that lets you compare two different products to see which one offers the better value.
  13. Consumer Reports. The app version of this helpful money-saving buying guide.
  14. Coupon Cabin. An iPhone app that aggregates coupons from many different sites.
  15. Coupon Sherpa. This app is another great one for people who want coupons on their phone.
  16. Currency. Save money when traveling using this iPhone app.
  17. Debt Rescue 911. This is a Blackberry app that provides tips for debt reduction.
  18. rong>Drink Specials. An iPhone app that locates drink deals near you.
  19. Economy Shopping Lite. A shopping app for iPhone that helps you track your shopping and savings.
  20. eReader. This is another way to get free reading material on your phone.
  21. Fring. Use this mobile VoIP app to save money on international calls from your cell phone.
  22. Gift Planner. An iPhone app that makes it easy to organize your gift buying and save money while doing it.
  23. Green Charging. A green iPhone app that reduces what you spend on energy bills for charging your phone.
  24. Grocery Gadget. This app organizes your grocery shopping and helps you save money on it.
  25. Happy Hour App. Another iPhone app for finding happy hour deals in your area.
  26. iBarcode. An iPhone barcode app that allows you to scan barcodes to see if the same item is available at a lower cost in a nearby store.
  27. iFareFinder. An iPhone app for getting the best price on flights.
  28. iWant. An app that helps you locate the closest location for an item you want so you reduce transportation costs getting there.
  29. iXpense It. An iPhone app for tracking spending and doing budgeting.
  30. Kids Eat Free. An iPhone app that helps you locate restaurants where kids can eat free.
  31. Local Reuse. This app helps you find free used items available in your area.
  32. Local Sale Finder. An iPhone app that locates that latest local sales.
  33. Meter Readings. Track your household energy and water bills so you can reduce them over time.
  34. miBudget. A Blackberry accounting app.
  35. Mileage Manager. A Blackberry app for tracking mileage to encourage reduced driving.
  36. Mini Mortgage Manager. An app that helps you better understand your mortgage costs.
  37. Mint. A popular app for tracking spending and doing budgeting.
  38. Mobile Allowance. An example of an app that tracks your mobile usage so you don’t go over your minutes.
  39. MobiQpons. Get coupons on your phone using this iPhone app.
  40. MobyQuote. A BlackBerry app that gives you quotes on loans so you can choose the best one.
  41. Money for Blackberry. A popular BlackBerry app for tracking spending.
  42. Money Saver. An iPhone app that provides tips to help you save money.
  43. Mortgage Calculator Pro. Understand what you’re spending on your mortgage using this app.
  44. My Budget Money Management. An iPhone app for tracking spending and doing budgeting.
  45. My Check Book. A BlackBerry app that tracks your checking account so you don’t have problems with bounced checks.
  46. My Coupons. An Android app that find deals near your location using your phone’s GPS.
  47. My Gas. Find the cheapest gas near you with this app.
  48. My Water Diary. An iPhone app for tracking and reducing water usage.
  49. Nosey Parker. An app for finding the nearest free parking.
  50. Petrol Prices Pro. A UK version of the apps that allow you to find the cheapest gas near you.
  51. Pic2shop. This is another barcode shopping app.
  52. Postabon. This is another iPhone app for finding local deals and coupons.
  53. Project Cost Manager. A BlackBerry app for tracking project costs; great for work-at-home entrepreneurs!
  54. ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader. A BlackBerry app for tracking spending with the help of a built-in receipt reader.
  55. QuikTip. Spend no more or less than appropriate when tipping using this app.
  56. Red Laser. A very popular choice among the barcode shopping apps.
  57. RepairPal. This iPhone app helps you see whether or not a mechanic’s quote is fair.
  58. Save Benjis. Compare items on this iPhone app to see which has the best value and then get coupons for those items before you buy.
  59. Say Where. This apps finds the shortest distance to a location so you waste the least amount of money on gas.
  60. Shop Savvy. A barcode shopping app for Android phone users.
  61. Shopper. A grocery list organizer and money-saving app.
  62. Simple Budget 2. A popular BlackBerry app for people who want help with budgeting.
  63. Skype. Like Fring, this is a mobile VoIP option for saving money on international calls.
  64. Stanza. Here’s another free reading material app.
  65. The Golden Calculator RRSP. A BlackBerry app that does retirement savings tracking for you.
  66. Timewerks. Freelance employees and independent contractors sometimes lose money because they don’t track their time and invoice properly. Prevent that issue with this app.
  67. TipTap. Another tip caluclator to save money by tipping properly.
  68. Truphone. A money-saving mobile VoIP solution similar to Fring or Skype.
  69. ValPak Local Coupons. Get coupons with this app.
  70. VoucherCloud. Find the closest stores with the best deals using this app.
  71. Water Meter. Here’s another water-saving app that helps you reduce what you spend on your water bills.
  72. WiFi Finder. Find free WiFi in the area using this app.
  73. WootWatch. The app version of a very popular deal-of-the-day site.
  74. Yard Sale Mapper. Find local yard sales with this app.
  75. Yowza. Another popular coupon app.



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