Hey there loyal readers! What have you been up to lately? Today’s article is based on one simple idea: “Spend Time Not Money” but we’re going to add a little twist to it: What if we find some great inexpensive hobbies that can make money too. I’d be a win-win. So we’re looking at an inexpensive (or free) hobby to get started, that along that way can actually make us money too!?

Good stuff! Can’t wait to get started!

6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money

Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money


Ok so you do need a camera for this hobby, but if you don’t have one, just use your phone. Head out and start snapping photos, add some cool filters with apps like Instagram and Camera+ and just have a ball 🙂

If you enjoy it that much, and you see that people like your photos, you can start offering to do some photography work.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer. Sometimes people are looking for “amateur photographers” that fit into their budgets to handle the small not-that-big-of-a-deal events. As an amateur photographer you can do small work events or family gatherings, stuff like that.

It is advisable though to get yourself a “decent” camera, you can’t go to shoot an event with your iPhone LOL. You won’t look very professional and it’ll be the last time you get any work.

DIY & Craft Hobbies

6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money" Sell your crafts on Etsy

Have you ever tried doing some DIY crafts? You can actually save money on everyday items and products by “doing them” yourself. Head over to our DIY Pinterest board and get some inspiration!

If you have some great craft ideas that you can do on a scale, why not start selling some of your hand made items on Etsy?

Get a Part Time Job

6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money

Hey I thought hobbies were meant to be fun and relaxing? Stuff I don’t do at work!

Well, what if you like books? Why not get a part time job at a library? Or maybe you like music? How does a part time gig in a bar that hosts live acts sound? You like dogs? Ever considered becoming a dog walker? 🙂

See what interests you have and find out if there is a job in your area that fits the description. Don’t get a stressful job or something you kinda-sorta like. This has to be something fun and easy that you will enjoy.


6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money: Blogging

Here’s an idea, start a blog on a free platform! Or better yet a home based business.

There are a LOT of ways you can make money with your blog and whatever your passion might be, considering the 2 billion reach the internet has, I am sure you can turn a profit!

Brush up on your entrepreneurial skills a start learning the ropes. As a person that works from home, I definitely recommend it. 😀 😀

Start here with a free blog and free hosting!


6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money: Writing

If you don’t really want to start a blog or an online business but you enjoy writing, why not outsource your work to web masters and bloggers?

Join a freelance site like Fiverr or People Per Hour and start getting paid for your writing. You can earn anywhere from $5 to $500 and write about subject that interest you.

It’s worth the shot! 🙂


6 Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money: Coupon-ing

We talk about couponing a LOT on the GetToSaving blog. This won’t necessarily make you money but remember: A penny saved is a penny earned.

People that take up couponing as a hobby all find themselves saving a ton of money on items such as groceries, household items and online shopping.

Here are some sites that will help you get started couponing:

Other Notable Inexpensive Hobbies That Can Make Money Are:

Baking, graphic design work, shopping assistant, makeup artist, sport coaching, personal trainer, the list is endless! As a matter of fact, here is a HUGE list of hobbies from Wikipedia.

See more ways you can up your income! 🙂

Thank you folks for checking in! I’d love to hear what your ideas and hobbies are! Be sure to drop me a comment below! 🙂

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