When looking to save money, it’s wise to think of the long-term consequences. Often, you can spend less and enjoy an excellent product or service from a reliable company. Other times, you need to invest wisely and spend money. Here are six areas where you don’t want to practice frugality.


frugalityAll-too-often, people sign up for insurance policies as a way to meet legal requirements. Since states require a person to buy car insurance, people often carry the state minimums. Other times, a consumer will only sign up for a healthcare policy to protect against catastrophic accidents or sicknesses. While on the right track, you need to think further. By investing in a quality policy, you will avoid bankruptcy or other issues when facing health or financial problem. [See our Insurance Section]


It’s easy to head to an oil change place and pay next to nothing for an oil change and other simple maintenance jobs. While true, it’s costly in the long run as you will want to keep your car in perfect shape. When you pay a little extra and use a qualified and experienced mechanic, you will enjoy a safer ride. At the same time, your vehicle will last longer and run better.

Home Repairs

When fixing your appliances, don’t hire the cheapest repairman for the job. While tempting, it will cost you cash in the future when your appliance breaks down. Instead, find a certified repairman who will complete the job right without committing any minor errors. Then, with this investment, your appliances will last longer and won’t break down often.

Safety Equipment

Cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts often scoff at paying for expensive safety accessories. While not exactly exciting, it’s wise to invest in quality safety equipment. Whether you want to buy a helmet or other safety gear, research your options and buy accessories with an excellent track record. Otherwise, when in an accident, minor or major, you will regret your choice of trying to save a few dollars by purchasing cheap equipment.


If you run a business, trade stocks or write off expenses on your taxes, you need to hire an accountant. While people can use a website to file, it’s an inefficient and downright foolish way to pay your taxes. Instead, with a CPA, you can learn about every deduction available to you. At the same time, a smart CPA can look at your situation and determine any other ways to reduce your liability drastically. In the end, when hiring a professional to file your taxes, you will save money and avoid overpaying. [Save by Hiring an Accountant]


If faced with the prospect of a serious criminal charge, hire a hardworking criminal defense attorney or accident lawyer who can help you avoid a lengthy prison sentence. While a public defender will try his or her hardest, it’s not wise to leave it to chance. Also, when dealing with a civil issue, hire a qualified attorney in the relevant field of expertise. Not only will a lawyer help you avoid taxes and penalties, but he or she can defend your corporation and ensure someone doesn’t exploit you or take advantage of your situation. A professional attorney can also be super beneficial in regards to protecting one’s rights, finding a nursing home abuse attorney for example, could save a detriment of time and agony associated with such a troubling crime to one’s loved one.
While it’s wise to live a frugal life, it pays to invest in quality products and services. With these six examples, you will enjoy a better future if you spend money to protect your long-term financial status.



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