One of the best things that happened to us since we moved to Portland, was our friend’s “H” & “D.” Not only do we love hanging out with H&D, they have a dog that our dog gets along great with. Have the time the dogs just lay down and stare at each other (like an old married couple). When we hang out the dogs hang out.

Why is this of any consequence. Well, this summer we had a near record heatwave and H&D’s dog “M” couldn’t be left alone in the garage. He’s definitely more of a winter dog. Since I was unemployed at the time, I spent the week with M and the FrugalPup. Occasionally, when I need someone to watch FrugalPup H&D take care of it. Going out of town is no longer a boarding expense for either of us, as we expect to get the opportunity to take care of the boys.

This is massive. Boarding our pup costs $20-30 a night. He has particularly needs and that drives up the cost. When my husband and I were working long shifts, we had to put him in daycare on occasion, and that would cost $15-20. Some people might think we’re crazy, but it’s only fair to make sure he is taken care of. We live in a studio apartment and he’s crate-trained, not toilet-trained. There’s a difference.

In the past six months we’ve saved at least $200 by finding a friend we can trust and exchanging dog care.

365 Days of Saving Money: $855 Annually (Running Total)