This year is all about saving money every day while trying to increase your income potential. If you did one thing each day that could save as little as $5 over the course of a year, you could have an extra $1800 in your pocket at the end of the year. Not all of these tips may apply to you, so to keep it fair, not all of them will apply to me.

So confession time…I’m addicted to self-indulgent bath pampering. I love body scrubs, and bath soaks. It’s like a disease. I am, too cheap to buy most products (and really picky about what I use), so I make my own.

All you need for a scrub is olive oil and salt. (Mix to consistency you like.) You can add aromatherapy oils if you like. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender are rather inexpensive and can be found on Amazon. I usually use Now Foods brand or Young Living when my mother sends me a gift basket. For a lighter weight oil, try grapeseed oil.

Also, if you have consistent problems with dry skin, you might be in need of an exfoliant. Sometimes, the dead/dry skin keeps the lotion from penetrating. A nice scrub reveals the new, healthy skin, and allows the moisturizer to do its job.

FYI, this is a body scrub, not a facial scrub, which is a whole different animal.

Body scrubs can easily run $10 for four oz. Making your own is a lot cheaper, and you can customize it to your needs/allergies. You can use a lighter or heavier oil. You can use salt or sugar. In fact, my favorite scrub was baking soda and Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. Be creative. Your skin will love you for it.

365 Days of Saving Money: $885 Annually (Running Total)