This year is all about saving money every day while trying to increase your income potential. If you did one thing each day that could save as little as $5 over the course of a year, you could have an extra $1800 in your pocket at the end of the year. Not all of these tips may apply to you, so to keep it fair, not all of them will apply to me.

I don’t know why, but it always seems that sharing a meal with friends is more cost-efficient (and certanly more fun) than eating at home. Why?

You can buy your meat in bulk without worrying about it going bad.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing or preparing a whole meal, only a portion.

You get to try things you will never have cooked in your own home.

A potluck is an excellent social gathering. It also is much less expensive than going out with your friends. The best, comprehensive article I’ve read is The Art of the Potluck at Get Rich Slowly. If you factor in the savings of substituting BBQs and potlucks instead of going out with friends, you can easily save $20 per gathering, at least $100 a year for us. I would love to type more, but I’ve got a potluck to get to.

365 Days of Saving Money: $1025 Annually (Running Total