Hey there folks, welcome to the second post of 2014. In case you missed it, we shared some fantastic news on the first post of the year. Today I’d like to talk about organisation.

I’ll be reviewing an eBook titled “Finally Organized, Finally Free”. It’s a fantastic book that yes, contains 2175 tips on getting organized!

I’ve Got To Get Organised

I start my day usually around 10am. Have my coffee, switch on my Mac and get to work on my business. For those that don’t know, I run a business from home and although it’s nice to have that “liberty”, I’m at a stage in my business where I “need to be on it” every second.

Needless to say, my apartment’s upkeep, even though it’s a small apartment, has suffered because of this lack of attention. I neglect and sometimes skip my chores for the day. Which is really bad and what I advise against as clutter takes up space. Looking for things in clutter really does take up some time and remember folks: time costs money!

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem though, actually most people might have it worse since they have to to leave early to travel to work and be away from the home most of the time. But what can you do? Not go to work!? We need to find the right balance and learn some tips on getting organized.

To be totally honest, we can organise and declutter after we finish up my work but after a 10 hour workday in my case; I really can’t be bothered at ALL!

LOL If you too can’t be bother after a hard day’s work, nod your head in approval 😉

Disorganisation Messes Your Mind

It leaves you wondering where things are, neglecting things that need to be done, messes up your schedule and slows down your progress! Nothing positive ever comes out of this nasty “habit”.

We need to get our lives and homes organized and we need to do it as soon as possible because as we already mentioned; being disorganised will slow you down and our time COSTS money!

If you’re regular reader of my blog, you know I’m all about keeping my finances in check and cutting costs!

Time To Get Organized

It’s not impossible; what we need to do is make baby steps. One simple task at a time. I have did some researched and I stumbled across this book which offers 2175 tips on getting organised!

Now I have to say that I just bought the book a few days ago and I have not yet read all 2175 tips but according to my girlfriend I’m getting overly obsessed with organization now haha!

The main problem that I always faced is clutter. I make a big effort to keep the apartment clean (even when I don’t feel like cleaning) as I hate a dirty environment but clutter does pile up everywhere! Looking around while writing this, I can still see A TON of things where they should not be.. anyways more about the book;

“Finally Organized, Finally Free”

This book is written by author Maria Gracia. In the book she shares with her readers tips that have supposedly made life all better for her and her family.

She’s been featured in various magazines and talk shows regarding her super powers in keeping things organised. You can see all her media appearances here.

Here Is What The Book Will Teach You…

  • Easy & effective organizing tips for every room!
  • The big secret to clearing the clutter and the chaos without tossing everything.
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed with your chores.
  • Where and how to get the energy and motivation to get started.
  • Creative storage ideas that you never knew about!
  • How to clean your house in half the time you thought I’d take!
  • Dozens of tips, tricks and hack to get your life outside of home organized
  • How to stick to a scheduled
  • Get twice as much done in half the time
  • Learn about the “Keep or Toss Test”! Hmmmm
  • The secret to teaching your whole family how to get organized
  • Never being late again!
  • Make each shopping trip productive
  • and much more! There’s 2,175 tips and ideas inside, impossible to list them all here!

Most of all it teaches you that getting organized is not that big of a deal after all. It doesn’t have to be that difficult!

I used to see house chores as a HUGE job that will eat up my time. Now with these helpful tips I know that tasks that may seem too big can actually be done in seconds, yes SECONDS!

Well I’m off to continue reading this book now! Let me know how it goes if you decided to get the book. I’ll also keep you updated with my progress! 🙂

Happy Organizing!

Check out the official site of: Finally Organized, Finally Free

Thank you for reading folks, I hope I brought you value in exchange of your time. I really do hope you take some time out to follow me on Pinterest! 🙂

Chris Lee Vella

Chris Lee Vella

Hi, I’m Chris Lee. In September 2013 I decided to quit my job to focus on building up my business. Glad to say that till now all is going well and I think I made the right decision but it’s only because I have learned how to properly manage my personal finances.