Hey there folks, so today we’re going to be discussing some money saving habits that we need to adopt to helps us save some money! You may already have started these “habits” and that’s great. I sure need to get to going on some of them…

These ideas will in time save you hundreds, possibly thousand of dollar a year. You’d be also surprised to know that some take no effort at all to implement and you’ll be in a far better position after you do it start implementing them

A perfect example of this would be my first suggestion:

Cut Off TV

I really have a thing for TVs, I hate them. I’ve lived without a TV for almost a year and a half now (before that I was paying for cable and not watching it). If you’re looking to cut some expenses, start with this one. Trust me, you don’t need it. With sites like YouTube and Amazon Prime I’m sure it’ll be a whole lot cheaper.

Look Online For Everything

Before making a purchase (big or small) see if it’s available online for cheaper (most stuff is). Also check on popular coupon sites like Groupon and eBates for “money back” offers 🙂


Sticking to a budget

This is by far the most important habit you can adopt. Create a budget and make it a habit to stick with it. A solid budget can guide you through the worst financial situations and also helps you avoid them.

Eat Before Grocery Shopping

You have to try this to believe it. Before you go grocery shopping, apart from making list and sticking to it, you should also eat a meal before you go. Why? Because that way you won’t feel the ‘appetite” to buy things you do not need. Try it and thank me later, you’ll see your grocery bill cut by 20%-30%.

Cook in Bulk

Bulk cooking or freezer meals when you cook double and then freezing it for a later consumption. This habit helps save both time and money. See my blog post about it here.

Think About It

Before you make any big purchase, think about it. See if you really need it, think about the implications on your budget if you go ahead with it. Experts suggest you wait at least a week before you make a big purchase. Remember that “impulse buying” is the devil! 🙂

Pay Yourself

Whatever the amount, make sure that with every paycheck, you put away some money for you. Save it, invest it or build your emergency fund. Just make sure to always add something to your end goal.


Recycling is healthy for you and for your planet. If you’re into crafts and inspiring DIYs, I suggest you check out this awesome recycling guide on Amazon.

Save Time

Try your hardest to not waste time because time is precious! End procrastination.Do that task today, don’t put off it off for later. Just remember that time is money, that is it.

Switch off

Unplug or switch off electric outlets if you’re not using them. With things like TVs, lights, stereos and chargers people have the habit to leave it running while not in use (I do too sometimes). It is really a total waste of resources! Have a look around your house now, I’m sure there is something running which should not be!

Home Gardening

It’s fun, healthy and it saves you tons of money in the long run. You do not need an actual garden to thrive, all you need is some plastic pots or foil containers. You can grow a lot of common based foods like garlic, basil, onions, carrots etc… You can get soem gardening tips from my “Home Gardening” Pinterest board.

That’s about it for today folks, I hope you enjoyed your time with us 🙂 If you have some more time to kill, make sure to check out some more blog posts that will help you manage your finances.

Drop us a comment below with your thoughts too, I’d appreciate if you share some of your tips with me! 🙂

Chris Lee Vella

Chris Lee Vella

Hi, I’m Chris Lee. In September 2013 I decided to quit my job to focus on building up my business. Glad to say that till now all is going well and I think I made the right decision but it’s only because I have learned how to properly manage my personal finances.