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    It definitely is helpful to have a system in place. It takes me 5-10 minutes max to set up, pay my bills by monthly and calculate if I am still within target of my biweekly spending. It takes me another 10 minutes to calculate my net worth at the end of the month. This lets me know if I am on track overall with my financial goals. Take the time! Set up a solid system. Save you a huge headache when its time to do taxes.

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    Love this! What are your thoughts on online banking and management? Saves time or not?

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    @Christine: You’re right: Once you get the system going, it is really easy to maintain with a few minutes every week.

    @Jenna: I love online banking. My #5 item alludes to online banking. For me, it works really well. A snap to go in and keep up with what’s happening — anytime.

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    Online banking has numerous benefits benefits. Helps you monitor and control your fiances. Also helps you notice any erroneous transactions quickly.

    It’s quick
    Saves time
    Saves paper – no more statements (good for environment)
    can set up and cancel dierct debits and transfer money securely – no more in branch queues
    helps avoid late bill payments
    easier to kee track of budgets

    As for secutiry, it’s in the banks intersets to ensure sites are secure. Alterntaive to online banking is receiving statements etc by post. This is incredibly unsecure and the postal service certianly don’t spend millions a year to protect your personal info.

    Author of Money to the Masses

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    @Damien – Definitely agree with you, especially when it comes to the environmental piece.


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