I like to call millionaires….financial independents.  In fact, you do not need to be a millionaire to be financially independent.  I am financially independent but not a millionaire.  Although, I am close and will get there in the next couple of years.  I am financially independent because I can make choices about my lifestyle that is not governed by money.  You see, I choose to live within my means and I can do what I choose.

I have a great deal of savings, have investments, have no debt, have a great job and created multiple streams of income.  I am in a position that if I wanted to pick up my family and go live in Europe we could do it.  I have diversified money generating activities so it would not be a problem.  Don’t get me wrong.  I need to keep working to maintain our lifestyle, but I could cut my income in half or by even 2/3rds and still  have a very good life.  I am marketable enough to get a job.  I have enough “coming in” to transition to what I want and where I want.

When you think of the word millionaire, what’s the image that comes to your mind? For most of us, the image is that of a flashy Wall Street banker suited in black, flying in a jet, and collecting cars. At times, we believe such a person can have a lifestyle of a decadent.

However, things have changed. Financial independents completely contradict this image. Probably you won’t believe me when I say that the financial independents of today inhabits middle class neighborhoods, works on daily wages full time and yet shops in discount stores. At this point many of you might question my sanity. Although such people are rare, they do exist.

It’s just their choices that make them different. First of all they are not motivated by material possessions but by multiple choices wealth can offer.  “For the financial independent, it’s not about getting more stuff. It’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want.”

When it comes to managing finances, very few of us actually have a plan in place for the future. We live our lives as if there is no tomorrow. What if 5% of us were lucky enough to have stumbled upon luck? Without financial management, they too face ups and downs. Honestly, with this approach you can’t create wealth.  It’s a fact that opportunities abound everybody but we just have to keep our eyes open to make the best out of what’s handed to us. Evidently, there is sufficient proof of countless opportunities but information is quite scant about people who are making it big in their selected medium. You can unlock the path to build wealth and become financially independent.

Joe Edward

Joe Edward