I will start off by saying I have went out with a cheap person once and that was enough for me. Besides being a tightwad, he was arrogant, so that ended it before it began.

However, I have dated some frugal guys and enjoyed picking up new tips. In fact, my husband is a frugal guy, but our dates were interesting and time flew by.

My husband and I met when we were in college. Dating while in college meant we had to be creative with our budget.

Do You Have Money Problems or Relationship Problems? frugal dates in college

Odd question, but I found that sometimes you have to take a step back and figure out what exactly is your problem with the other person. Your date could be embarrassingly cheap and you just know it won’t work out in the long term. Do they complain out loud how expensive the food is? Do they give the waiter or waitress a cheap tip (or no tip) even though they got great service?

Or could it be that you’re not used to living a frugal lifestyle and are a bit uncomfortable with it?  For me having a guy cook at home is a plus – he’s frugal and he has a useful talent. However, only having ramen at his home for our meals together is a bit too cheap for me.

Everyone has their own definition of frugality versus cheapness. You have to be honest with yourself if you find a potential date cheap or just frugal.

Love, Money, and More?

It is possible to date a frugal person and have some fun. For us, we knew that living like broke college students was a temporary move. Once we started our professional careers we’d have a bit more money to work with.

It turned out to be a benefit for when we decided to get married.We also knew from our dates that we didn’t need a ton of money to have fun. That meant we could go a few more pricey trips, but still stay within a budget as a couple.

You too can benefit from dating a frugal person. As your income increases, you can still keep your creatively frugal habits and save the money for some of your financial goals.

Thoughts on Love and Money

Have you ever dated a cheap person? What annoyed you the most about them? Have you ever dated a frugal person? What was the most interesting frugal habit they had?

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Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez