My husband and I are trying not to spend more than $100 a month for eating out with our family of 5. (It helps that one is not eating solid food yet and the other is mostly a picky eater. We’ll probably have to raise this amount as our two little ones get bigger.)

One way we have found to do this is to build a stock of Groupons and certificates. When there is a good Groupon, we buy it. Right now we have six to use. certificates go on sale about every 4 to 6 weeks and you can buy them for 80% off their list price. This is the only time we buy certificates. (Right now they are on sale for 80% off when you use the code SHARE through September 22nd.) We have 6 of those built up.

Now, when we decide where to eat every weekend, we choose from our Groupon and certificate stock up. We do this unless we can find a restaurant offering very cheap fare that particular week. (We have been visiting Qdoba at significant savings thanks to their Fight Burrito Boredom promotion.)

This is just one way we have found to enjoy eating out at a significant discount. Works for me!

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