We won our lawsuit! 

After waiting  for our turn to present our case, we were called up. The judge ruled in our favor. The defendant has 10 days to either appeal or pay. After the case was finished the owner of the shop said he’s just rather pay.

I hope his insurance company agrees and we can put that money into the bank. I’m grateful for the ruling. If there was anything I learned that I could pass on it would be :

  1. Record EVERYTHING. From the start of your troubles to the day you finish keep a record.
  2. Organize your information. This almost undid us as we didn’t do that to much later and it was nerve racking.
  3. Practice what you’re going to say before you go to court. It can be intimidated to speak before a judge, even a friendly one. I knew we had common sense and truth on our side, but preparation is key.
  4. Write notes as others speak. When witnesses are crossed examined, having notes on what they said before helps. It’s a very technical process and it’s easy to get lost.
  5. Get an attorney. We represented ourselves, not because we were cocky, but because we couldn’t afford one for a $1000 suit. If you can afford a lawyer, please get one. It can be done, but it is such a stress.

I’m grateful for the verdict, not just for the money, but it felt good for someone to stand up on our behalf. Thanks for everyone’s support. If our experiences can anyone, then I’m happy.

I just hope you’d never be in that situation. It’s not over yet. We still have to see if they will pay or change their minds and fight this. I have some peace of mind, so I’m ok. I hope everyone has a great day.

Photo Credit: dbking