I got the results  and I passed the Exit Exam on the first try. This is good news, as I just have to pass my classes this semester to graduate. I wish the university would give more feedback about how students did on the exam. For now, though, I’ll just enjoy the moment.book9.gif

By the way an article in Career Journal spoke about the skills that employers really want from employees. Communication was listed right after leadership skills. Verbal communication was emphasized in the Career Journal’s article.  MSNBC ran an article about communicating in written form. Both are great articles to review. Here’s a snippet from MSNBC:

A 2006 study of large employers by a consortium of business and literacy groups found that written communication ranked at or near the top of a list of skills required in a wide range of jobs. “Ninety-three percent said written communication was very important for college graduates,” says Linda Barrington, a labor economist at The Conference Board and co-author of the study.

While I can’t use my university’s writing exit exam on my resume, I might mention that in an interview. I’ll let you know if that comes up in the future. As you can see brushing up on public speaking and writing to put you ahead of others when looking for a new job or trying to a get a promotion.