I wrote a check for $1,200 (our whole economic stimulus check) to pay down the car loan. It was supposed to go out yesterday. My balance looks as if the bill money is still there. I looked at pending bill payments and it doesn’t show on the account tab:

Pending Bill Payments for next 30 days for: FREE CKG *
  Biller Amount   Pay Date
No pending bill payments from this account for the next 30 days. 

Strange, when I look into the bill payment section it says otherwise. *Sigh* This is why I love ING Direct, where the show upcoming bills when you choose the account you want to look into.  ING’s system keeps me in check and I don’t have to dig for more information.

How does your bank work with upcoming and pending bills?

By the way, at my job we’re no longer allowed to have lunch in our offices, but snacks are ok. *Sighs*…ok the bank is less annoying than my job right now.