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“What’s in Your Wallet?”

Answer: “Not a Capital One Card”

PT tagged me to share my wallet’s contents and I guess I’ll spill my guts…er…wallet. It’s not exciting, but it’s working for me.

Here’s what I have in center of my wallet:

  • Driver’s License (I don’t like the picture, so it’s hidden.)
  • ING DIRECT Electric Orange Debit/Credit Card
  • Local Credit Union Debit/Credit Card

I have a left section for medical:

  • Medical Directive (Easy to find, if I’m unconscious it lists my medical conditions and contact information for my husband.)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card

I have a right section with one pocket:

  •   A copy of my Car Insurance information in there.

I currently have $20 in my cash fold and no change. I put change in the jar at the end of the night.

Note: My policy is not to keep my credit card in my wallet unless I’m on a trip.  I’ve been known to keep it in there for a few days after a trip because I can be a bit lazy. This little trip has helped my keep my credit card spending to a minimum. I do pay my balance in full each month.

Yeah, I keep my wallet light, but it’s easier for me to spend less using this et-up. I want to thank my friend “Ani” for picking me up this wallet. Interested to find what’s in other people’s wallets? Here’s a few on the web:

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez