So there I was, waiting in line with a cart full of things I knew I’d have to decide on after the cashier told me I didn’t have enough money to pay for all of them. I really should have thought this through while I was shopping, shopping hungry…something I told myself I would never do. But it’s too late for that, I filled my cart and am now quickly approaching the checker. The line behind me quickly filled in when the young girl with the big bright smile and ruby red lipstick took over the shift of the serious guy before her whom I had hoped would give me the same silent stone face as he gave the previous two customers. Chit chat is never easy these days and I’d just rather avoid it if I can.
Here I am now, unloading my cart onto the matte black conveyor, the loud beep of each item scanned makes me uneasy but Ruby Red keeps scanning away, remarking that there was a sale if I bought six of something or other…I wasn’t all there at this point. Then she said something that caught my interest while I attempted to look busy with a magazine on a rack next to the credit card scanner, something about an opening at the supermarket for a management position much like the one I had lost a few months back when the small market I worked for closed its doors for good.
Fast forward two months and I’m happily working as the manager at said supermarket. The interview process was long, much longer than I had anticipated but with current market conditions I understood. They wanted the right guy for the job and they found him.
What got me through those months though was a decision I made right after Ruby gave me my total and I asked her to put some things back,  right there in front of the old lady with her primped poodle in her cart and the mom obviously carrying twins. I decided there were some things that I could go without, and others I couldn’t.
For those that I couldn’t go without, I decided to go with a quick loan. I know all about loans. I know they have their place, and that I need to take caution when getting a loan of any kind. However, I decided this was a way that I could bridge the gap between jobs. Taken on responsibly, loans can be a way to get back on your feet and in this case, that’s a decision I don’t regret.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans