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To follow up on my post with free and low cost legal services, I included some tips that helped with the consultation about our car problem.

  1. Prepare. Practice ahead of time the way you’ll present your case. It helps your lawyer to grasps the big picture of the situation, so they can see how to proceed.
  2. Have paperwork organized. Have all your paperwork ready for the lawyer to review. Keep the originals and give them copies of everything that you have that is related to the case.
  3. Keep track of everything. Have a notebook and write down the time and summary of conversations that you’ve had regarding the case, whether it’s in person or on the phone. Give a copy to your attorney. This will help them see how far you’ve gotten, see what roadblocks you hit, and give a more detailed view of the case.
  4. Ask questions. This is a very big part of the consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; your lawyer wants to help you. If you don’t understand something completely, please ask them to repeat it again. You want to be on the same page as your attorney.
  5. Follow their instructions. If you feel comfortable with this attorney and want to pursue this case, then listen to what they say. If you feel uncomfortable, find another attorney. It’s already a stressful situation, don’t make it even worse.

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