Good Morning Green Panda readers.  Today we are discussing our career aspirations and what type of job we want to have after college graduation.  People go to college to get an education so that they can get a job after graduation, but let me ask you an important question Green Panda readers…what kind of job do you want to have after graduation?

I recently read an interesting article from our good friends at Money Crashers titled “How to Get a Raise or Job Promotion at Work.”   I absolutely love this post because it gives us easy to use tips on how to climb the corporate ladder. Money Crashers tells us that we can get a promotion at work by tapping into our boss’s mind, having a positive outlook at work, being eager to learn, proving our worth, and setting specific career goals.  It’s great to have resources that can help us get a raise or a promotion at work; but before you decide how to get a promotion at work, you have to decide what kind of job you want to have.

What kind of job do you want after graduation?

– A job you love.  Many people find a job after graduation in a field that they are good at, or in a field that they studied.  Some people find a job that they like after graduation, but not many people find their dream job right after college. Many people accept their first job offer right after graduation because they are excited to be out of school and in the workforce. However, not many people necessarily find a job that they love right after graduation.  Would you accept a job that you didn’t love just because it was offered to you?

– A job that pays a lot.  This is a common dilemma for recent graduates as well as experienced employees.  People often accept a less than desirable job offer because they are tempted by a large pay check.  Money is said to be the root of all evil, but sometimes it can also be a source of unhappiness.  A job that has a big pay check also usually comes with big demands and a lot of working hours.  Very often people compromise their personal happiness for a big check. Would you accept a job that you didn’t like just because the pay was good?

– A general job.  People who study general subjects in college such as administration or marketing have larger career opportunities available to them after graduation because they can work in a variety of industries.  I studied Economics in college and I now work in Personal Finance.  However, it may not always be beneficial to study a specific subject in school, especially if you aren’t sure where you want to work or what you want to do after graduation. Studying a general subject in college can open unlimited doors for career opportunities after graduation.  Did you study (or are you studying) a general subject or a specific subject in college?

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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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