Modern Tightwad – Person who prefers to live within one’s means, not to be confused with an uptightwad

Modern Tightwad (homo frugalis) A modern tightwad is a person who lives in a manner so that their income is greater than their expenses on a regular basis. Their tools may range from creativity, tips and tricks, to more extreme tactics such as freeganism. Regardless, a modern tightwad acts with good manners and ethics whenever possible; a good night’s sleep is priceless.

A modern tightwad should never be confused with our oh so distant cousin, the uptightwad (homo scroogus). Previous descendants include Ebenezer Scrooge (species namesake) and are differentiated by their lack of charity, need to hoard money and possessions that are of no use to them, and desire to pinch pennies at the cost of others.

Welcome to I’m Mrs. Modern Tightwad and I’ll be your guide. Please keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle at all times. 🙂

This blog is a hybrid of personal finance and frugality, with tips, tricks, and hopefully some humor. Bad puns will be present, my apologies. I’m a tightwad by birth; I would tell you how many generations, but I don’t think I can count back that far. I’m also a tightwad by necessity at this time; Mr. Modern Tightwad (Hubbin) and I have student loans, an auto loan, and some random personal debt we don’t want to have anymore. Ironically, this is an excellent place to be for this blog, so that I can share which tightwad tips have had the most savings benefit.

I don’t want this to be a blog about getting out of debt, it’s more about a happier way of life, enjoying a meal with my friends and family that doesn’t cost my firstborn (four-legged though he may be). It’s about being able to create a lifestyle that’s sustainable, so that I don’t have to count on the “historical 12% average of the stock market” to retire. I like being frugal; it brings out the mini-MacGuyver in me, and forces me to be creative in my approach and examination of things around me. I hope this can be supportive for the closeted tightwads out there.